Beat the COVID situation, enable in-person experience online with Video+ Co-browse

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Leverage Video+ Co-browse based selling to get your sales and agents off the ground.

This powerful collaborative sales suite brings together Video, Co-browse, Chat, Document sharing with routing and recording capabilities to get your sales and agent teams productive and focus on their core operations. The video based solution offers you the flexibility of completing the entire sales process on-line that is SDK based, easy to integrate and is supported across browsers, iOS and Android. The Talisma video-based solution is auto-scalable and deployable on the cloud. In addition, it supports 100000+ concurrent users.

Share screens with Co-browse functionality for real-time document sharing and downloads

Customer and sales agents view and work on the same document in real-time. This powerful feature reduces time of closures and brings accuracy and transparency during the entire process. The document sharing and downloading features reduces transactional delays and improves the overall customers experience.

Private and Secure

Talisma video+co-browse comes with advanced masking functionalities. This ensures that the customer can mask and hide all sensitive information on their screen and the sales agent does not get access to the same.

Inbuilt call routing, recording and real time supervisory intervention

Our video+co-browse solution comes with in-built call routing and recording to features which helps in proper assignment of calls. Real-time supervisory intervention assists in providing an enhanced experience to customers and handling escalations.

Engage with Chat

In addition to the co-browsing and video conferencing features, Talisma video+co-browse solution also comes with a chat option where customers can directly engage with agents while browsing.

Additional Features

File Upload

Customers and agents can upload files in real-time, enabling more effective engagement and faster resolution.

Video Storage

For security purposes, Talisma video+co-browse solution enables users to record relevant or the entire video session and store it both on cloud and on premise.




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