Whatsapp Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

Whatsapp for Business is a tool that is transforming business operations and functionalities. With WhatsApp marketing, businesses can reach customers exactly where they are present. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, chances are high that your customers will be using WhatsApp. While there are multiple social media platforms, none are as popular or useful as WhatsApp. WhatsApp marketing, as a marketing strategy can be very cost-effective and targeted. Businesses can use Whatsapp for Business to boost sales and reduce expenses. Implementing WhatsApp marketing strategies can be very helpful in increasing sales figures.

Why use WhatsApp marketing?

Over the last few years, the popularity of WhatsApp has increased manifold. Unlike other social media platforms, there is no scope for ads or spam messages on WhatsApp. Thus, when businesses use WhatsApp marketing purposes, they can get higher engagements as they are interacting with customers who trust the brand. Some of the major advantages of using WhatsApp supported digital platform include:

Low Cost: Whatsapp marketing is one of the most low-cost marketing platforms available to marketers. Sending marketing messages via Whatsapp for Business does not entail any extra expenses. 

Security: Whatsapp marketing is a form of one-to-one marketing. Businesses connect with customers over a single phone number, thereby eliminating security risks for both business and customer.

Targeted: Another benefit of Whatsapp for Business is that it enables targeted communication with customers. Marketers can use personalised messaging to boost engagements with customers.

Feedback: With Whatsapp marketing, customers can instantly provide their feedback regarding product/service quality, marketing campaigns, pricing, etc. Based on this, businesses can further improve their offerings and activities.

Communication: With Whatsapp for Business, marketers can ensure direct and seamless communication across all the stages of the end-to-end digital customer journey. This improves conversion and engagement rates.

Whatsapp Marketing Strategies

Here are some WhatsApp marketing strategies that can help you boost your sales:

Brand Persona

Brand Persona

The 1st step is to create an appealing brand persona. Whatsapp is not just like any other marketing platform. It is a much more intimate and personal platform that people use to interact with their near and dear ones. As such, businesses need to keep this in mind before creating the persona. The brand persona that you use on Whatsapp should evoke a sense of trust and personalisation. Impersonal brand accounts do not work well on Whatsapp. The persona that you create should be open and helpful and make your customers feel that they are interacting with someone they can trust. This brand persona should then be promoted across all online and offline channels so that customers are made aware of it.

Relevant Content

Relevant Content

Just like any other marketing activity, relevant and value-added content can play a vital role in boosting sales through Whatsapp marketing. Using a WhatsApp supported digital platform without in-depth personalisation is a disaster! Before beginning your communication via Whatsapp, you first need to understand your customers and their needs. Post this, you can use Whatsapp for Business to send content that will help your customers in some way. This will increase customer satisfaction and prompt them to purchase your offerings. 

Customer Service

Customer Service

A major benefit that Whatsapp marketing offers is the superior customer service that you can provide to your customers. Exceptional customer service is synonymous with prompt, accurate, and high-quality service. Using Whatsapp as a medium for customer service, you can respond to customer queries without any unnecessary delays. As long as you are adequately staffed, understand your customer, and have the required experience, you can leverage Whatsapp for Business to deploy prompt customer service. With customers being most active on Whatsapp, you can engage with them and resolve their queries and complaints within short turnaround time. 

Whatsapp Features

Whatsapp Features

Whatsapp for Business, as a marketing platform, comes with myriad features. By leveraging these features, you can hone your sales and marketing strategies to give a boost to your sales and revenue figures. Features like Whatsapp status, live location sharing, image sharing, video calling, etc can be used to improve your engagement levels with customers. For instance, using Whatsapp to quickly share images of your product to your customer can enhance their satisfaction levels as they do not have to put in efforts to browse and view your products. Everything is available at their fingertips! This can significantly increase your sales numbers.


When it comes to Whatsapp marketing strategies, nothing beats using Whatsapp as a platform to conduct research and improve offerings. Sales depends to a large extent, on providing customers with exactly what they need and want. For this, you require extensive and in-depth research. A WhatsApp supported digital platform can help you engage and interact with customers in an informal manner, with Whatsapp being a mainly casual and personal platform. By asking your customers relevant and targeted questions, you can pinpoint exactly where you are lagging and work towards improving your offerings to be more customer-centric.

Whatsapp for Business is an effective marketing tool that business owners can use to drive sales. Like other marketing platforms, succeeding on Whatsapp requires a holistic plan, defined goals, effective strategies, and targeted implementation. With the help of the above Whatsapp marketing strategies, you can leverage Whatsapp for Business to improve your offerings, lower costs, enhance customer service, and boost sales. 

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