Why CRM is considered the optimal Lead Management System

Generating leads is tough but managing them is tougher, especially, when you have leads coming from a variety number of mediums. As the name suggests, Lead Management System software facilitates proper management of leads so that they can be converted into new business opportunities in the least amount of time and effort. Most CRM solutions are technologically well-equipped to take care of a huge large amount number of leads. From lead generation to lead conversion to lead nurturing, CRM software can handle all aspects of the lead funnel with effectiveness and efficiency.

Lead Management allows the sales team to work on quality leads while filtering out the cold ones. Here’s why Lead Management is of the utmost consequence.

Companies that automate lead management observe a 10% increase in their revenues. (Gartner Research)

As per 61% of marketers, the biggest marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads. (HubSpot)

Companies using MA (Marketing Automation) achieve 5% less marketing waste than non-MA companies. (Gartner)

For 40% of the marketers (40%), the top priority is to get more leads. (HubspotHubSpot)

Personalized emails generated by Marketing Automation improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates over 10%. (The Aberdeen Group)

In this blog section, Talisma Corporation will unfold what makes CRM solutions the best lead management system. Continue reading further to know more for gainful information.

Centralized Database

A centralized database makes it easier for the sales team to pitch correctly. CRM solutions give you the benefit of a unified database so that all vital information stays under one roof for the team to conveniently access the same as per their requirements.

Excellent Quality Data-driven Leads

There might be five thousand leads, but which ones are worth going after? As per sources, 46% of marketers with matured lead management processes have sales teams that follow up on more than 75% of marketing-generated leads. With an effective lead management system like CRM, executives can utilize valuable customer data to gain quality leads that are more likely to become customers in the end.

Early Closure of Sales

Closing a deal is an achievement of a kind. As per CSO Insights, companies with mature lead generation and management practices have a 9.3% higher sales quota achievement rate. When you have something like CRM in your organization, you can expect quick closure of deals with proficiency. CRM’s reporting and monitoring features make it possible for the sales to be closed in record time.

Great Customer Service

As the name suggests, Customer Relationship Management aka CRM fosters wonderful customer service by making crucial data attainable by the respective executive at all times always making crucial data attainable by the respective executives. CRM records each client interaction and gives a clear view of the particular client’s profile, thus, enabling CSRs to deliver positive CX (Customer Experience).

To sum up, CRM indeed plays a pivotal role in terms of lead generation as well as customer retention and is an exceptional lead management system. Talisma has developed some highly powerful CRM solutions to assist both the marketing and sales team simultaneously. To get started with your lucrative CRM implementation process, connect with our professional team today.

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