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Communication silos get dissolved as the solution serves as a unified platform for removing all barriers to smooth and efficient communication within and outside the enterprise. This makes it easier to track customers across channels and meet their service expectations. Talisma offers an integrated platform for a true Omni channel experience across multiple channels that include e-mail, Telephone, self-service, chat and co-browse, social and mobility.

Talisma Modules For A Truly Omni Channel Customer Experience Includes

Talisma Email

Talisma Email is a robust and scalable solution that helps organizations to simplify and streamline the management of high volumes of emails and deliver timely, accurate responses to customer email enquiries. Learn more

Talisma Chat

Talisma Chat enables organisations to communicate in real time with visitors to their website using powerful text dialogue. Learn more

Talisma Co-browse

Allows you to accept any co-browse request without the need to download plugins and ensures a secure connection with recording facility for auditing purpose. Learn more

Talisma Phone

Enabling improved call handling and accelerated response times, Talisma Phone facilitates agent productivity and long-term customer satisfaction. Learn more

Talisma Social Media

Power your social media command centres with the ability to bring all interactions in one central system, monitor and analyse social sentiments to influence conversations and enrich experience via social mediums. Learn more

Talisma Text Messaging

Fast and cost effective, Talisma text messaging lets you run campaigns and serve alerts with both in-bound and out-bound flow of information. Learn more

Talisma Mobile

Talisma Mobile is designed to help businesses harness the power of mobile devices and data on the move. Learn more

Talisma Self-Service Portal

Deliver personalized content in a self-service mode to customers and partners. Learn more

Talisma Knowledgebase

Provides a real-time repository of information for content management round the clock via the website. Learn more

Largest Channel Breadth From Phone, Email, Chat to IM, Facebook, Twitter

Modular With Flexibility to Adopt as Individual Channels or as a Platform

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Unified Omni-channel platform with 200% productivity.



Talisma Enterprise Digital Platform for Customer Service across multiple channels.